The Winning Edge – 8 Characteristics That Make Winners Stand Above Their Competitors

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How To Achieve The Winning Edge in life

Over time I've realized that people who consistently win in life have certain personality traits that will determine the winning edge. Winners become a person who attract success. Your life will only get better when you make a firm commitment to a life of excellence. Excellence comes from the determination to be better than you are today.

Below are the personality traits that I've found in common amongst individuals who have achieved elevated levels of success in their careers.

Winners Develop A Clear Image Of Themselves Winning

Winners will create the mental imagery that portrays success. They see themselves as successful by engaging in creative visualization techniques. When you sincerely believe in yourself, the people around you will tend to believe in you also. Your team will begin to believe in you and accept your ideas when you have the self-confidence and positive expectancy about your goals.

Winners will think like winners. Winners have the edge in life because of their confident expectation that any problem is solvable. They find a way to turn any situation into a positive advantage and will realize any goal that is important to their success. All winners share some general personality traits that are so basic to success that they wind up gaining the winning edge.

Winners Think Positively

They face the day with the attitude to discover what can be done instead of worrying about what cannot be done. When roadblocks appear, as they often do, winners will instantly draw upon their positive attitude and determine how to react constructively. It's the attitude that is brought to the table that will determine the success or failure of any endeavor. Winners don't make excuses nor do they accept any excuses. When you concentrate only on the positives of any situation you stir up the desire to get moving.

Winners Are Willing to Pay the Price of Success

Just as you must pay the toll prior to going through the toll booth, so is it that you must pay in advance to achieve your ultimate success. Winners know that there is no such thing as a free lunch. The price that is exchanged for the success is through their time, effort, creativity and money. Winners know that success comes with a heavy price tag, in which they're glad to accept the opportunity to invest in their own success.

To achieve worthwhile, predetermined goals, winners are willing to work by a plan and stick with it to have that winning edge. They take this path because they want to be a champion and to be the best at what they do.

Accepting Personal Responsibility Is A Key Ingredient

Personal responsibility comes with the territory when it comes to your own results. Winners will take the initiative on any project because they do what is needed to make sure the project will get done. They acknowledge their mistakes and failures so they can learn from them.

Winners Draw On Their Creative Abilities

Humans are gifted with a faculty that allows them to think creatively. This means we are able to be creative with our thinking. Winners know this and they will cultivate their creativity and exercise it everyday. Winners will step out with courage to develop and practice one's unique talents. They will enter everything they get involved in with the attitude of the possibility of succeeding. To them there is no possibility of defeat. To win, you must have a ‘no-limitations' attitude on your belief.

Winners Persist and Persevere

Giving up is not an option for winners. Winners commitment to achieving a goal is firm and steadfast. The hurdles that they encounter will be turned into stepping stones on their way to the achievement of the goal. Winners will pursue their goals persistently until they succeed. A winners self-image will not change towards they ability to succeed if they meet with rejection.

Winners Always Grow

As time progresses each winner never looses their passion to be the best. No matter the accomplishments that they've achieved, there is always something else to achieve. They know that growing is a natural progression of all life forms. And since growing is a key to a better and more meaningful life, winners will not stop setting goals. They will persist and persevere through all their days on this earth. Winners continue to look for ways to be more efficient, reduce costs and add more value to their business and bottom line.

Attitude Will Determine Your Path In Life

Winners will live by a mantra, "Attitude is everything". Your attitude will carry you through many obstacles and setbacks. If your attitude focuses on weaknesses, then you will fail each time. But turn your attitude towards strength, there's no telling how far you can go from there.

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