Christian Service Or Christian Serving - Which One Are You Concerned About Most?

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I have learned that there are many nice, well meaning Christians that consistently focus on the wrong things.
As believers, we should try to model our lives after Jesus Christ.
Somehow, that premise gets lost when it is mixed with all of our own ideals and desires.
Christian services are what people have on Sunday morning at church.
Christian serving is what Jesus is calling us to do.
Matthew 20:28 clearly tells us that Jesus came to serve and not be served.
Many of us have completely overlooked this element of the life of Jesus.
Church Services Every Sunday millions of people place a very heavy effort on Sunday services.
Even before Sunday comes there are hours of preparation done by choirs, praise teams, hospitality staff, ministers, etc.
There are people who agonize over every little detail of the service.
For many people, Sunday is the culmination of their entire week.
What goes on during the rest of the week? I don't know about you, but my life as a Christian is far greater than what goes on during Sunday service.
There is a whole world out there that we have all been called to engage in.
Unfortunately, many of us forsake the rest of the world and reserve our Christianity for the four walls of a church.
The Modern Minister We are in an age where there are some wonderful men and women ministering the Gospel around the globe.
We see them on TV, in magazines and online.
Unfortunately, there are some "diva" ministers around the world.
I have witnessed ministers who give off the aura as if they are God's gift to the congregation.
They give the impression as if the congregation is there to serve them as opposed to the other way around.
There are some things that just bother me: - I get bothered when I go to a church and it looks like the pastor's chair is worth more than the church building.
- I get bothered when I see ministers that consistently "don't have time" to talk to people one-on-one.
- I get bothered when I hear ministers talk about what they have done, rather than what God has done.
- I get bothered when ministers feel like they need to make a grand entrance in the service that includes a grand announcement and people standing up.
This is just a short list.
Believe me, I could go on.
Why are so many ministers looking to see what they can get out of ministry? Call me crazy or old fashioned, but as believers our goal should be to love God and serve people.
We shouldn't love God and look for other people to serve us.

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