The Fastest Way To Double Your Income - By Finding A Problem To Solve

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In 1899, William McKinley, the President of USA, invited the heads of all his departments to submit the most innovative thing that they could do to begin the new century. There were interesting replies, but the most interesting and the most remembered was a whopping error.

The Head of the US Patent Office famously replied requesting that the President close the US Patent Office because everything that was ever going to be invented had already been invented. It seems absurd now to even think of life without airplanes, automobiles, computers, cellphones, and just about everything else we use today. So, there is no end to new inventions. Why? Because there is no end to needs and problems.

You may wonder: "Why not just ask people what they want?"

That approach does not work!!

Henry Ford was asked for his opinion of market research and he scoffed saying: "If I'd asked what they wanted, they would have said FASTER HORSES!"

So, you can't just ask, you need to be observant and listen. There are opportunities all the time. Listen to what people moan about. What do they complain about? What do they wish for? Listen.

One of the minor TV manufacturers, around the time the wireless remote control was just becoming popular, listened. And, what did they hear? They heard moans that people spent frustrated time hunting for the remote -- under the sofa, between the pillows of the sofa, abandoned in the washroom by mistake, in the kitchen. It was a problem.

So, instead of making a TV with better sound quality, or better visuals, or cheaper price -- they installed a tiny button on the TV itself which, when pressed, would cause the remote to whistle. People totally loved it. That manufacturer skyrocketed up in sales. Because they listened.

Listen in your own field to improve your own field. Or, listen to anything and see what you could produce that is totally unrelated to what you currently do.

Listen. That is the key to wildly increasing your income. Double your income? Easily. Just listen.

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