Growing Old Gracefully

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On my fiftieth birthday I decided to finally embrace my maturity, common sense and experience.
These attributes having once been slightly embarrassing traits that needed to be frequently apologised for, now were to be my badge of honour.
It is the not having to pretend I like it that is the most refreshing part of acting my age.
Because it is new, the music, art, play, film or whatever that is not to my taste is no longer labeled as interesting.
It is rubbish.
The fact that it has taken half a century for me to honestly air my views still amazes me.
Perhaps because I have been surrounded by much younger people all my adult life, I have tried too hard to keep up.
I am making up for it now by making my views known on everything from the helium leak in the Swiss Large Hadron Collider to advances in Laos loom weaving techniques.
I must admit that the advance in time had initially left me a little panic stricken.
I could not at first grasp all the advantages of growing old.
In fact, all the disadvantages were what leapt to mind.
My creaking knees, my stomach going south, failing eyesight, losing my hair, teeth falling out, memory failing, finding wrinkles and going grey caused the sleepless nights.
I obviously had not thought the thing through.
These things I could take in my stride when alerted to the advantages of what life now has to offer.
The benefits of being myself and whole-heartedly grasping the wisdom of my accumulated years did not take too long to make themselves felt.
It is not fair to say to I immediately abandoned the shallowness of youth in order to bask in the maturity of my new found self.
However, realizing that everything does not have to be performed at break neck speed and gratification does not need to be immediate made my life even more intense.
Without wishing to be too cryptic, there is definitely a modicum of truth in the proverbs and tales of old.
New tunes, old fiddles, good body, old wine etc.
I cannot help feeling that I am just about reaching my peak with possibly the best yet to come.
It is true that wisdom does keep pace with age.
Especially when knowing the prudence of watching what goes into my body and how hard I push it.
Gone are the days when excess alcohol must be the method of having a good time along with burning the candle at both ends.
Moderation coupled with a sensible sleep pattern is a good basis for improving the quality of my life, and yours,along with its longevity.
Gentle and regular exercise with a varied diet helps in this process too.
Above all happiness is the key to a graceful autumn of mine and your life.
Whatever we do we must have fun in the process.
If it can be creative fun, all the better.
When we produce whilst having a good time and let our creative processes lead us to new heights our lives will not only become enriched by the result, we will actually live longer.
When you reach fifty do not despair.
Instead, see the passage of time for what it is.
You have reached the half way stage in your life.
The second half will be much better than the first.

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