Active Relationships Equal Results

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When setting out to be successful in anything like business, love, friendship, in anything, it all starts right here in active relationships.
Without having active and healthy relationships you will not succeed.
In order to experience healthy relationships we need to have a sense of identity.
We need to know who we are, what our personal values, attitudes, and beliefs are.
We need the ability to recognize our feelings and the ability to express them assertively.
Intimacy is an emotional connection.
It is not based on common interest and activities.
Self-esteem is very important, if you don't like yourself it will be impossible to trust that someone else does.
We need to know how to take care of ourselves when others are angry, scared, critical, or they are not in agreement with us.
We need personal boundaries, personal limits, and the ability to communicate them to another person.
We need the ability to accept another human being as they are.
We need to be able to make a commitment and honor it once it is given.
We need to trust other human beings.
Your ability to trust is NOT dependent on someone else s behavior.
For people who have experienced inconsistency in the past, trust is your issue not the issue of others.
If we constantly look for wrong doings in others we will find some that will satisfy us and drive our business partners, husbands/wives, children, and family members away.
Healthy persons attract healthy partners, and relationships exaggerate problems with intimacy rather than heal them.
Intimacy is two people being exposed at the same time, showing the good and bad parts they usually keep hidden.
Intimacy is two people being vulnerable at the same time, trusting each other with the parts which can hurt.
Intimacy is two people simultaneously seeing and being seen by the other, fully aware of their vulnerability, with the intention that their relationship will continue.
We all need to take a look at our relationships with other people.
If you see problems in the relationship, never pass blame, rather take a look at what role you own in the problem.
Always remember that the only person you can change is yourself.
Live by example, when people see you changing the way you act it will humble them to do the same and start admitting their character defeats.
You will see people changing all around you in a positive way.
Your relationships will improve and you will then begin to see success at the end of the road.

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