The Vessel

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Life and existence at any level, to be good must have a vessel to pour its cause into.
That is why I call this article, quite simply "The Vessel".
I remember about ten years ago when I was twenty six years old, I first thought genuinely about the concept of this article.
Every life has a cause and effect nature I simply thought to myself, and if anything is going to happen, I have to be the vessel it has to happen through.
Since then, I never really have shirked any responsibilities, and I go by the saying that "there are no small parts or happening things in life".
Sure, this article is based on a very basic concept of cause and effect, but sometimes it is desirable, and sometimes it is not desirable to be there in this way for ourselves.
I am writing or typing this concept down on the screen not for me to pontificate or preach, but for you to mostly think and think very deeply about you vessel, your life, and your existence.
Everyone is what they make themselves.
I could end there, but I cannot and I will not.
To know what you are doing is the most priceless and valuable process there is in life and existence.
For, without matter to what is said, nobody likes to genuinely lose, but, everyone likes to genuinely win.
That is the ultimate spiritual concept when you think about it.
Nobody likes the hell of losing, but everyone likes the heaven of winning, in the sense of John Milton, the great poet saying "the mind makes a hell or heaven of itself.
" For if we were not what we make ourselves "brick by brick", we would either have instant soup line, or instant riches in existence and life all at "the right time all the time".
We know that this is not so, that over time we are our own ultimate cause and effect.
Sure, I realized all of this in an elementary intellectual way all through life, but it never really hit home until I was about twenty-six years old ten years ago, and realized fully without mitigation what really is going on with it all.
Indeed, a success is not made overnight, and a failure is not made overnight either.
Small temporary failures, or small temporary "successes" say nothing, it is all our full over all worth that says everything.
That is why a poor, uneducated loser through his over all life: Abraham Lincoln is remembered as a great President of the United States and an over all historical winner, and a rich, educated through his over all life winner business man like Jason "Jay" Gould is a forgotten "robber baron" loser who died prematurely; all because of the full over all realities of the situations really.
I admire both men for their virtues logically, but I see the full on reality of all things in a "coldly logical" way that works for a genuinely objective understanding that balances all things and factors realistically and through these realities I have gained a genuine understanding fully of what makes life work and not work for people.
But, like I said, I cannot think for you, I can only through this article give you a few "paltry and small hints" at being your own vessel for achievement or failure.
That sentence before this meant, "we all have to do for ourselves, have for ourselves and be for ourselves".
Nothing else matters.

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