Keep Your Head Up - How to Get Through Tough Times

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Though Death is never satisfied, it will be as Greedy as the Grave.
The Guilty rely on their own strength to survive, as this false sense of security serves them as their god.
But is this all that they have? Or maybe it is better for them to say, "This is that, and what we choose.
" Though only a feeling, it is so powerful that it causes them to feel unstoppable.
Have they no fear of The Most High? In gaining so little, they have sacrificed so much, but only to their own destruction, and for their master that they serve in disguise (the father of lies.
) Give a care-filled thought, to that of your ways, and decide each step as carefully as if navigating through a maze.
Your path should be as calculated, as properly managed math, and use your reason, with each season, and avoid the miscalculations of the past.
Attacks by the deceiver, attracts the "eyes" of the believer, but as receivers of faith in The Redeemer, we are made straight by our faith.
Destroyed crops before the reapers claim the work is the farmers' nightmare.
But in the Darkness is where, The Lord put Light there, and we are taught to be right there, by HIS Chosen to remain in the "Light of Right Prayer" and prostrate ourselves, by avoiding Hell with the "Right Care".
Beware the dragnet of the wicked, though they are full, they never cease the seek to fill, once ensnared an awareness of dare, is at the mercy of their will; They enclose those who seek to be righteous, but the woes of these foes, show to him that knows, where the righteous one goes, as opposed to those, that choose those woes.
Perverted justice finds us, in disgust, so we must never cease to TRUST.
For in these days, we are to believe, without haste, and be not deceived, as thieves who waste their blessings, and base their guessing, on wasted lessons learned, as in the "urn" their ashes burn.
Their task was to earn the rights of passage, and yearn to "reach" the masses.
With "Truth" they've turned from yonder, and sought to reap from under.
Now as they squander with the dead, instead of "bowing their heads," they've buried their heads, and now their heads will bury their dead.
As the dying leaves fall, lying under trees, in the season of the "fall," but we all must avoid the fall, and stand tall in faith.
So tall in faith, it is for the righteous' sake, that we make no mistake for the needs of our faith.
We must be as seeds, which feed more than the birds.
We must be as the seeds that are planted in the earth.
We must be as seeds in the words of each verse, as our pleas will be heard from our knees, and relieve us of this curse.
We've been placed on this earth by the "ONE.
" So as for the "Other one" who deceived us first, lest it be his thirst that is quenched by this curse! For each nation, is but another station, for him to run amok, in his job to stir up, as much strife in this life, but in his hell he is stuck! (Plentiful is the grace of The Almighty Creator, for the earth shall be filled with the Knowledge of the glory of The Most High, as the waters make the sea; inspiration for this in its' entirety, Habakkuk ch2 v14)

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