How You Can Turn Your Vision Into Reality

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"A change is gonna come," beamed Barack Obama in his acceptance speech as the new president elect of America.
This groundswell of optimism has had a ripple effect across the globe as we wait eagerly for this political prophet to deliver his promise.
Can this tall, lean man of integrity manifest his dream of peace, reconciliation, justice and abundance for all and provide the world with a leader we can truly believe in and trust at last? Barack Obama is living embodiment of a man who became his vision.
His unwavering energy and focus engaged a nation as he beamed hope to the underprivileged and disregarded, and confidence to a public hungry for a real alternative to what had been before.
Anyone who has ever dared to reach for the stars will know that having faith in a dream demands courage and patience.
In coaching one of the very first steps the client is asked to undertake from the outset is to define a set of goals to work towards.
Keeping fingers crossed, "going with the flow", drifting or just letting life happen to you are not effective ways of getting what you really want out of life.
So often we can lose ourselves in a fog of indecisiveness and confusion, that procrastination or surrender takes over from drive and focus.
Fear keeps us stuck and our dreams go on hold, perhaps never to see the light of day, rendering regret and dissatisfaction as our destiny.
Having a clear goal is not always about pushing ruthlessly ahead for grand and impressive achievements but sometimes just a quiet knowing what you want, how you'd like to be and why you are doing what you are doing, all adds meaning and purpose to life.
Develop the Vision Start by writing out your short term goals.
What you would like to aim for in the next 3 months? Lose a stone, take up exercise, learn to speak in public, fast track a new language, socialise more, get a promotion, meet a new partner? For bigger dreams be audacious.
It's OK to want to write a book, travel the world, learn to sing, aim for CEO.
Create the Plan Then write the steps you need to take in order to achieve these goals - internet research, visit a library, check out courses, find a friend to go running with.
Now you have a plan.
  • Keep the dream alive by creating a Vision Board where you cut out inspiring pictures of what you want to remind you of your goal.
  • Tell friends, colleagues and family what you want so they can share your dream and support you.
  • Create a community.
  • Read autobiographies to hear how your heroes conquered their obstacles to success.
  • Be prepared to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Review your dream regularly to chart your progress
  • Make your vision compelling.
    Truly imagine what it will be like to get there for a few minutes each day.
  • Expect set-backs but don't be defeated.
    Learn from them.
  • Act "as if" you were already living your dream.
  • Never give up
Barack Obama is a man who become his vision.
Even when he was a long way from reaching it he always acted as if he was the man for the job and eventually America believed him.

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