Count Your Wins to Create Your Success

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Whatever new project, business, sport or thing you're about to embark on, it can be an exercise in faith to convince yourself that it's possible.
I'm sure there are many people out there who can just sail into any new endeavour with reckless abandon because they know within themselves that they can do it.
There are many more out there though, who don't have that self-confidence making them nervous and apprehensive.
They might even be to the point where they don't make any progress or don't even get started from lack of the slightest scrap of confidence.
This can apply in many areas of life.
Look back through your experiences and pinpoint those wins and successes you've had in the past.
Write them down and refer to them when you feel like you're not getting anywhere.
The best way to find the inspiration for success within you is to remind yourself of times when you've done well.
It doesn't matter how big or small those wins were; maybe it was a race you won at the school sports day, a project you started and completed, an idea you had that you followed through with.
Maybe you're an exceptional parent, play a musical instrument, you're good with animals, art, sports - whatever.
Count all those wins and remind yourself of them often.
It's that evidence of how you've been successful in the past that proves to you that you can be successful again.
Relationships are probably one of the biggest personal learning curves anyone will ever go through.
Relationships can batter your self confidence around big time but despite any disappointments i'm sure you can find something, ANYTHING in that failed relationship which gives you some satisfaction of success or great lesson learned.
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime; so take those 'reasons' and chalk them up as great experience.
Know that the next relationship is going to bring more of those great life lessons; embrace them as gifts and you'll be more open to experiences and new people.
I know (from my experience) that it's usually only possible to see those experiences as fortunate after the fog of a breakup clears but that time will surely come.
I once heard the legendary Jim Rohn say that if you can make one sale you can make two, three, four and more.
I apply that same principle here.
If you've been successful before you absolutely CAN, without a shadow of a doubt do it again and again.
All of us are capable of far more than what we believe we can do.
Bring yourself more evidence of your own success and your belief in yourself will grow and grow.
Success begets success! So start making that list today.
Delve back into your past and seek out those awesome moments when you exceeded your own expectations (along with everyone else's).
Find those times when you set yourself a task and nailed it! These examples of how you've been successful before will give you the evidence you need to KNOW that you can be successful again at whatever you put your hand and mind to.

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