Learn From It, Laugh At It, Live Through It

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2 weeks ago, my family was watching a funny video, and I wanted to see it with them, I didn't want to miss out on all the fun so I laid my computer down and ran towards the computer they were watching to see the video with them. And as I was turning left to get behind them, I slipped really hard, like I completely missed whatever step I was trying to take and I fell flat on my chest immediately. & for some reason, I just started laughing so hard, laughing because I couldn't believe I was silly enough to fall like that, and because it was so unexpected. But my mistakes are enjoyable to me, because I understand that they make me better, so falling only taught me that I should calm down next time when I am anxious to see something, or to learn from whatever I did wrong, and not do it again.

The point I am trying to express here is very often in life, we make mistakes. & many times, we mentally abuse ourselves for those mistakes as soon as it happens. We ask ourselves questions like, €How could I be so stupid?€ or €Why did I do that? That was so dumb€. We get our hearts broken and we immediately blame ourselves, €Why did I trust him or her? What was I thinking?€

The truth is when these things happen in life, it's very nice to take a moment and laugh, laugh as hard as you can because although you made a mistake, it's okay, and it's alright. If you unintentionally let some guy break your heart because you thought he loved you, don't sit around crying, drinking and blaming yourself; feel a little pain from it because we understand that it hurts, but then learn from it, laugh at it, and live through it. Laugh at the fact that you were Silly enough, not stupid, but silly enough to make that mistake, but also laugh because life shouldn't be taken so seriously anyway. Have you ever noticed that some of the biggest mistakes in life are laughed about later? You have a bad breakup, and your friends are there for you to provide comfort while you're hurting and grieving, but a year later when everything gets better for you, you all look back and laugh at that moment together. That is a true example of being able to move on, and grow from painful experiences, the ability to look back and say, €I can't believe I was so silly, but I am glad it happened because I learned so much from it€.

When we make mistakes, I believe we should handle it with this solution in this exact order, I believe we should Learn from it, Laugh at it, and Live through it.

First we should Learn from it, we should feel the pain that it caused, feel the hurt that it gave us, and think of ways to never allow that to happen again.

Second, I believe after we are finished hurting, which we shouldn't allow to be so long, we should Laugh at it. Look back and say to yourself, €Man that was silly of me€, or just embrace the fact that you made a big mistake, but it's funny now because you are a better person because of it, and you would never do that again.

Lastly, I believe we should Live through it. Many times in life, our greatest unfortunate circumstances can help us change to become who we are, or who we will become. When we make a mistake, we should Live through the experience, and teach others how not to make the same mistakes, or use it to create some great benefit in our life instead of pain. We should use that pain, and that learning lesson to make us much stronger than we were because pain does not deserve to steal our happiness. We deserve to be completely happy, completely in love with our life, and completely abundant. But here's the key, no one, and nothing can determine that except for us.

We must make the decision to be happy, and then commit to that decision for the rest of our lives, and then we will experience a much greater life.

Warm Regards,
Israel Dudley
Founder of InTheseMoments.com


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