Law of Universal Attraction - Why it is Not Working For You?

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Are you one of the folks that heard about the universal law of attraction, got extremely excited at the prospect of what can be achieved only to find yourself months later tired of even trying? Nothing to worry about, you are not alone on this.
Many people see the secret movies only to find that there is a bit more to the story of law of attraction than they previously assumed.
Is the law of universal attraction real? The answer is yes; it exists and works for everyone.
Even at this moment you are attracting to your life the balance of what you are focused on.
Why does it feel that it is not working? First of all it takes time to learn how to use the law of universal attraction in a conscious deliberate way.
You cannot learn to play a piano in one day and the same goes for attraction.
Also there is a big factor in this process that is not mentioned in the secret movie Allowing: Even though it is very important to know what you want and think about it.
People mostly want things that they do not have.
It is always because they focus upon not having the thing that they do not allow it in.
The process of allowing is about bringing you into a state of mind of confidence towards the subject and thus allowing yourself to receive it.
In other words, you have to stop blocking the things you want from coming.
How can you allow? Allowing is simple; it is actually getting out of your own way.
Meditation is a process of allowance too, by stopping your thoughts you create the way for things to enter your reality fast and easily.
Most of the personal development methods are meant to train you in releasing the resistance that is blocking you from allowing the law of universal attraction to bring you what you do want.
I encourage you not to give up even if it takes some time to see results.
When I first started it took me almost a year to truly understand how the process of the law of universal attraction works.

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