Prosperity Blues? - What They Didn"t Teach You in School

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What does it mean to feel wealthy and live prosperously? Does it mean having lots of money in the bank, or that clients are waiting in line to buy your goods or services? Does it mean you have a lifestyle that other people envy, or that you grab each minute of your life and milk it for all it's worth, no matter what your financial situation looks like? Maybe all it would take for you to feel successful and prosperous is to be happy, no matter what the Universe puts in your path.
Feeling like you're living a prosperous life may not look like what you think.
You may be listening to what your mind says you should do, because you think that will get you to where you want to be.
But if despite your best efforts at following what your head is telling you that feeling of wealth and prosperity is a dim light at the end of a long, dark tunnel, it may be time for you to regroup and get to the bottom line of what's really important to you.
If your head and your heart are on opposing sides of the prosperity continuum, it will be difficult at best, or impossible at worst to find and capture that illusive feeling you are seeking.
You may have read the story of Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher born circa 470 BC, and the Oracle of Delphi.
The Oracle is the most important shrine in all of Greece.
The priestess, Pythia, presided over the Oracle and reportedly gave prophecies inspired by Apollo, the Greek God.
A friend of Socrates, Chaerephon, asked the Oracle of Delphi if anyone was wiser than Socrates.
The Oracle responded that there was no one wiser.
Socrates believed that what the Oracle said was a riddle, so he proceeded to test it by talking to men, who were considered to be wise by the people of Athens, about their knowledge of good, beauty, and virtue.
After many years of talking to these prominent men, Socrates decided that the oracle had indeed been correct.
His conclusion was that he must be the wisest insofar as "that what I don't know, I don't think I know.
" In other words, he was aware of how little he knew.
So what is the moral to this story? When it comes time to evaluate where you are on your journey to your prosperity and money goals, be open to the possibility that your current path to prosperity may not be what you really want.
Maybe you don't know that you don't know what the right path is for you! Pay attention to your feelings, and they will give you a clue if you're on the right track.
It may pay you to: o Honestly evaluate how you feel this red hot minute about the action you're taking towards your wealth, money, and prosperity goals.
o If what you're doing makes you feel good and prosperous, keep doing what you're doing.
o If you don't feel good and prosperous, figure out what does and start doing it! If you can't determine what it takes to make you feel good and prosperous, seek outside assistance from a trusted friend, family member, or coach.
Just make sure your trusted advisor doesn't have a hidden agenda! You may not have access to the Oracle of Delphi, but you have something even better - your very own internal navigation system, and it's called your feelings.
Let them be your guide to a prosperous life.

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