Learn Mind Control - 5 Tips for Controlling Others Successfully

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Anyone can learn mind control.
It does not require above average intelligence or crazy conjuring.
All you have to do is study and master the scientific side of this method for controlling others.
Then you can readily use your skills to apply the art of persuasion in every social situation.
You have to work hard to learn mind control.
For this reason, you will need as much advice as you can possibly get to become a successful practitioner.
1) Be confident and show it.
In order to actually get to influence others, you have to believe that you can do it.
Otherwise you will fail.
In general, gaining self confidence is essential for succeeding in this art of influence.
At the same time, it is equally important to show that you are confident.
You have to show it with your gestures and actions as well as with your tone of voice.
The successful practitioner acts confidently and without hesitation.
He always looks a person in the eye.
He is never intimidated by anyone.
He has a clam and low tone of voice.
He speaks slowly and determinedly.
He does not reveal his true emotions and intensions.
2) Synchronize yourself with the person you are trying to influence.
While having and showing confidence allows you to gain the respect of the person you want to manipulate, synchronizing yourself with him lets you build rapport on a subconscious level.
A lot of people find it difficult to manage synchronization, when they learn mind control, but with practice, this technique can be mastered.
The best way, in which you can synchronize yourself with someone, is to adopt their breathing pattern.
In order to do this, you have to notice this pattern.
Using the same language and form of expression is equally important.
Mirroring the person's gestures is also fundamental for influencing him.
3) Asking questions is the key to success.
If you want to learn mind control, you have to learn to understand what sits behind the people's statements and actions.
Basically, you have to find out more about their reasons, thoughts and feelings.
When you know someone, you can manipulate him more easily.
In order to get to know someone, you need to ask him questions.
It is important not to be straightforward and ask, "Why are you doing this or that?" Adopt a more subtle psychological approach.
For instance, you can say, "What makes you feel that way" or "How are you feeling about this?" 4) Learn and master conversation management to succeed in controlling others.
In order to learn mind control and become a master of influence, you have to be able to push people in the direction you desire.
Since you cannot do it physically, you have to do is psychologically.
Understanding someone and embedding your commands in this mind is done through a conversation.
That is why you have to be able to manage and twist it in line with your needs.
The simplest way to manipulate a conversation is to divert the attention from one subject to the subject you want.
You can readily do this by agreeing with the person and then making the subject he sticks to unimportant.
For example, "I agree the issue with delaying the financial report is important, but you will get more benefits focusing on preparing the analysis first.
How do you plan to do the analysis?" 5) Use people's values effectively, if you want to learn mind control and master it.
It is all about playing with the inner values of people.
These refer to the inner principles, desires and goals of people.
You can readily get more information about these by asking questions.
It is crucial to use them in order to manipulate others.
When you want someone to do something for you, you simply have to exploit his inner values and beliefs.
You will learn how to do this effectively, as you learn mind control.
For example, if the person you want to manipulate places great value on advancing in this career, you can readily use this to make him do things that you want by focusing on how these things will help him accomplish his goal.
You are now on your way to learn mind control and to become a successful manipulator.
The most important thing to do now is to keep expanding your knowledge on the basis you already have.
Among the many reasons you've already thought of to learn more you become aware of the main reason now.

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