Blue Print For Success - Visualization

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Templates for Manifesting Wealth: A famous and wise writer once wrote, "While we must accept the reality of the moment, we are not bound in it forever.
We can change the future by the use of our imaginations.
" In this statement lies the truth and basis of all I will talk about in this article.
Life is imagination, pictures and images of the mind expressed into physical reality.
Imagination is the force that will take you places you haven't been.
Of all methods discussed of manifesting wealth, this is by far the most powerful, why? Because your thought is you, your self image is the template of the reality you experience, and visualization involves all senses, impressing on your subconscious, were these are stored, as beliefs and values, as truths and doctrines.
These power your conscious thoughts and actions, including your inactions, and the form in which your reality is brought into being.
By changing these fundamental causes of the experience of life by visualization and belief and feeling, all you desire will be in the palm of your hands, and with this knowledge in the present moment of now you can confidently say, "The time is not far distant when you will marvel at my good fortune and success!"  Many people have testified to the power of visualization and many proclaim of its wonders and how it has changed lives throughout the world.
That it works, none can convincingly deny the fact, but why it does is subject to debate.
The hypothesis I subscribe to is, there is a Universal Power omnipotent and omnipresent, a power that created everything known and unknown, the first cause I might say.
All things are made from it and exist in it and thus are interconnected and we human beings are part of and inseparable from this power therefore participating in its work of creation.
Our minds are one with this creative power of the Universal Mind, and therefore every thought we hold to be true in some degree has the seed of creation in it.
Putting this in point form: Creative Visualization works because;
  • We are an inseparable part of the Universal Mind and since mind is first in all motion, our thoughts are projected into this omnipotent power, setting in motion its massive power to work on our behalf.
  • Everything in the Universe is interconnected, therefore, each thought, action and event are connected and influence each other.
  • All that is in the Universe is energy and the differences in form we see are different densities and wavelengths of the same energy.
    Thoughts are among the finest of this energy and they work and interact with the Creative Universal energy.
  • Thoughts are like magnets, attracting similar and like thoughts and consequently attracting the subsequent circumstances.
  • A clear mental image radiates from the mind of the one thinking it and is transmitted to other minds.
    And whoever is receptive to this kind of thought may perceive it and act on it thus becoming the agent to fulfill that desire.
  • By repetition of the same thoughts day in day out, the subconscious mind is driven to act on them.
    The thoughts that sink into the subconscious mind drive people into the corresponding actions.
  • Each and every thought arouses an associated emotion in some degree, and if that emotion is intense enough it incites to action.
    Strong thoughts energized by emotion cause more energetic and definite action than weakly emotionalized thoughts.
  • Similar and like thoughts bring people together.
    When one person has a need, and the other can supply it, their thinking can bring them together in a surprising manner.
    What we call coincidence.
If the bullet points above sound a bit um um..
, let me put it this way.
By repetitively visualizing and thinking about what you desire backed by emotion, what you are doing is inserting a template of the reality you desire into your subconscious mind from which that reality you desire will be brought forth into manifestation.
Why this is necessary? Let me explain it like it so...
the beginning of each function of life and each action is conscious thought, by repetition, the thought pattern with its subsequent actions becomes habitual and thus automatic, passing into the subconscious realm were the necessity of it becoming conscious approaches zero, zilch (consider driving or any skill for that matter you have learnt, are you still consciously aware of all the thoughts and actions taking place?).
Even though the thought process has become unconscious, it still has its full intelligence.
It is necessary that it becomes automatic and unconscious in order that the self conscious mind may attend to other things.
So the gist of it is, the template of the life you desire, designed by you in the workings of your imagination, energized by feeling, will continue to produce in you actions and positive emotions towards your goal automatically, with the magical power of the mind attracting to you circumstances and situations that will make that template a reality, aware or unaware.
Now the question is, what is creative visualization and how is it done? What it is, is basically a form of daydreaming but dynamic.
Dynamic in that it is not passive but involves infusing desire, positive emotion and concentration into the visual images playing in your mind, seeing the things in your mind as if they are occurring or have just occurred.
Emotions and feelings are necessary in that they trigger the corresponding thoughts into action, they add fire and zest to your mental images, creating a subtle reality in the astral and mental planes.
Whatever is created on these planes tends to also manifest on the physical plane.
Whenever you are visualizing, see yourself in possession of what you desire.
Say and think, "I am," not "I will be.
" For full procedures and techniques you can use before, during and after your visualization exercises, download this short free ebook on creative visualization at http://www.
com/creative visualization.
Let me leave you with this quote from some literature I read a while back that expresses what I have been saying in a kind of inspiring way: "I sent my soul through the invisible, Some letter of that after life to spell, And by-and-by my soul returned to me, And whispered, I myself am heaven and hell,"

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