Money Management Strategies For Building Greater Net Worth and Wealth Creation For Everyone

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Smart money management strategies for the average person to build money habits of the wealthy.

Find yourself fighting the urge to splurge on that gorgeous hi-end 'toy' on more than one occasion? Subsequently feel guilty for wasting away your hard-earned cash? Such sweet-guilty trips are just symptomatic of your money habits. Clueless? Read on...

If there is any one, straightforward way to get better at managing your finances, it would definitely be learning from the wealthy people. Why? Simply because of their habits.

The primary reason why the wealthy are successful at having money has nothing to do with luck. If that was the case, every lottery/jackpot winner would be a millionaire. However, evidence again and again shows that those same lottery/jackpot winners always go down all the way back to their previous levels of being financially broke. To the uninitiated, this seems inexplicable, since it is assumed anyone would instantly be rich just by having a million dollars.

Why then would the jackpot winners lose it all? Simply because of their habits. Everybody knows humans are creatures of habit, but what they do not realise is that our results, especially financial results, are determined to a great degree by our money habits. It is how you MANAGE your finances, not how you SPEND. Therein lies the fundamental difference in the level of successes enjoyed by the rich and the poor.

The secondary reason why the rich get richer is simply because, since they already know how to manage that much money, they can always start learning how to manage even more. Ever noticed some millionaire losing all his business in a bad year, trying again and getting back up even better? That is simply because he never lost his good money management habits.

Now, the question is, what can you learn from them about budgeting habits? Incredibly simple, but profound. It is to assign mental purpose to your money. Once a portion of your money has been assigned a purpose by you, guess what happens? It usually serves that exact purpose. Incredulous? Try it!

So now you have learnt to assign mental purpose to specific amounts of money, how do you go about getting richer? Simply keep on practising the above exercise. Why? Practice makes 'PERMANENT', not perfect. This is because of the same principle laid out above: our habits.

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