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Timeless Cast Iron Tea Pots

I have seen a resurgence in retro everything including cast iron tea pots. I used to think anything made of cast iron was ugly and out dated. Not true at all. The colors available for cast iron tea pots is amazing. In fact, I think there are more colors and styles available than in the fine bone Chi

Wine Glass Rack - Inexpensive Ways to Store Your Stemware

This is a good example of a wine glass rack that you could make for even less than $15. Just go down to Home Depot, buy a couple dowels of the right width, drill holes using the same size as the dowel in a row down the center of another scrap piece of wood.

Experience the Delicious Fish Dishes of the Algarve

The Algarve region is renowned for its fish dishes. With over 100 miles of coastline and a mild climate, this region is a rich breeding ground for a large variety of fish. There is always a wide range of fresh fish dishes on most restaurant menus, including Choco's com Tinta, Feijoada de Buzina

Large Wine Glasses - Perfect for Serving and for Decoration

Serving wine in the right glasses can add to the appreciation of the wine and to the decor of your dinner party. By selecting the right glasses you add a quality to your table setting which can make or break the atmosphere of your gathering. In some cases, a simple or sleek wine glass can be an exce

Barbecue Tips - 5 Ways to Make Your Barbecue Come Alive

Those who are new to barbecuing quickly realize that it's not as easy as the experts on TV make it seem. There's an art to it. Anyone can throw meat onto a grill. But, it takes an artisan to coax the flavor out so that it bursts in your mouth. It doesn't matter if you're using ch

How to Prepare Turkish Coffee

You can prepare your Turkish coffee in two main ways:- By using a pot (classical way) - By using an automatic-machine (machine way). This article explains how you can brew your Turkish coffee in both ways.

Local Gem - 710 Grille

If you like small, neighborhood, local hangouts that are unpretentious, and totally friendly then you are gonna love the 710. At full capacity you could maybe, and I mean maybe fit 40 people in there. That's what I'm talkin' about! There are rules written on a dry erase board such as:

Stocking the Kitchen For Convenient and Healthy Family Meals

A well stocked kitchen can mean the difference between a healthy, enjoyable meal with your family and boring, unhealthy, take-out food.Here are tips for ingredients to have in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer in order to easily prepare convenient and healthy meals for the whole family.

Bravely dine where you've never dined before!

Traveling to a new city is all about seeing new places and trying new things, so why limit yourself when it comes to dining out? All too often people travel across the country, backpacking across ...

Corporate Gift Baskets - Delivering Timely Treats to Everyone

Corporate gift baskets are anticipated giveaways each year especially during the Yuletide and New Year seasons as this symbolizes a company's goodwill towards their clients and employees. The article below is a brief guideline in choosing and buying these treats.

Common Mistakes to Avoid While Barbequing

Since, barbequing enhances the taste and aroma of foods. It is becoming as a popular food preparation method in both bbq restaurants and home. Usually, barbeque is a much slower method of preparing food utilizing ...

How to Keep a Lobster Alive

Lobster is a delicious treat when you can get it fresh. Buying fresh lobster directly from a lobster fisherman, of from a live tank at your local grocery store will ensure a more flavorful meal than if you were to buy frozen lobster. However, if you can't cook your catch immediately, you can keep yo

How to Cook Sirloin Tips & Onions

Sirloin tip steak is flavorful, thanks to some good marbling, but it's not the most tender of beef cuts. Because the meat eagerly soaks up flavors from marinades and other cooking liquids, braising is an excellent preparation method for producing a meal that's packed with flavor. For a simple dish,

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Juicer - What I Think

So you have decided you want to start juicing? Many people who first begin to juice, if they are honest with themselves, do it to loose weight, then over time they realize the health benefits. Needless to say, the health benefits are plentiful and should be the reason you continue juicing. With that

Cuisinart Chef's Classic Nonstick Hard-Anodized 10-Piece Cookware Set - A Review

You can find this amazing hard anodized cookware at several markets on the internet. Actually, Quantanium is planned for healthy low fat cooking, letting even delicate foods such as fish to be fried with no sticking. All pans clean up easily and fast and are strong enough for purpose with metal tool

Home Roasting Coffee Beans

Get the freshest coffee possible by home roasting your own coffee beans. Find out the basic types of machines and thing to consider when getting started. Whatever your coffee preference, home roasting is sure to open your eyes to the amazing flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Super Bowl Fat or Fun? Try this Delicious Low Fat Dip

Yep! The Super Bowl is just around the corner. And that usually means a lot of food, a lot of calories, a lot of carbs. But you don't have to miss out on all the fun eating if you are watching your weight. Even if you are on a diet, I've learned that flavor does not have to be sacrificed.

Fun Facts On Water For Children

Teaching kids about water can be very fun. There are a lot of simple scientific experiments you can do that centre around water and children love to learn about how something as common as water is so important and so interesting. There are plenty of lessons on water for children.