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What Are Oregon's Child Custody Laws?

When deciding child custody in Oregon, courts consider the best interests of the child. Learn what this means and anticipate how they'll interpret your case.

Difficulties With Potty Training

It is normal for parents to want to get their children out of diapers in a timely fashion. It can be frustrating to know that your other children or friends' children developed their skills earlier than the child that you are currently working with. Some children simply are not ready as early as the

Defend Your Children From The Rain When Hiking

The enjoyment of a good walk can be severely compromised by the rain. But, for adults and youngsters as well, being prepared with quality, reliable equipment can make a real difference to the remainder of the hike. In particular regards to young children, bad weather conditions will not only ruin th

Cosco Scenera

Are you currently shopping for a convertible car seat for your child? If so, a convertible is a great choice! You can use them longer than an infant and get more for your money.

Creating An Allergy-Free Environment For Babies By Using An Air Purifier

Respiratory related allergies especially allergic rhinitis are commonplace these days among babies. The sad truth is that with recurring allergic rhinitis,your little oneis just a few baby steps away from developing asthma. It becomes a nightmare for the whole family when that happens. It is therefo

Repeat Steps One and Two

Looking for inexpensive, easy-to-make favors for a kid's birthday party? Make a DIY hardback coloring book that fits the theme of the party.

Things you should know about buying diapers online

Its unbelievable how many parents are now logging onto the internet and buying diapers online for their babies. This would have been unimaginable a decade or so ago. Many parents are now making the mo

Parent Power - What is it and Why is it Important to Know About It?

Parent Power is the authority given to us as parents to enforce rules and boundaries with our children in order to teach them right from wrong. It gives us permission to get things done using the power of our position and acts like a bottom line that suggests we can indeed "make our kids"

Communicating With Your Child Without Words

Communication is much more than just a verbal exchange of words. We see this type of communication frequently in small children who do not know the words to express their feelings, opinions or emotions. A parent who pays attention to this type of non-verbal communication often knows what the child w

Baby Weeks - Weeks 4-8

At this stage you're starting to settle into a routine with your baby, and you will have a bit of time and energy to watch her skills develop and see just what an amazing little ...

What You Need To Know About Baby Strollers

Baby Strollers are the essentials of all parents for their babies. In current market, they emerged in diverse range delivering style, comfort, convenience and durability. They are also regarded as the vital components of daily ...

Deciding When to Potty Train - Make Sure Your Child is Ready!

Knowing when to potty train your child can be a bit of a stressful decision! Start too soon and you can run into all sorts of problems and the process can become extremely drawn out. Start too late and your child can suffer developmentally.

Top 5 Tips for Baby Care

Caring for your baby is definitely a huge responsibility for which, one needs to be prepared in advance. It is definitely not rocket science, and any person can be a good parent if he or ...

How do I Get an SSN for a Child on an L2 Visa?

An L1 visa holder is a worker who is temporarily transferred to the United States by their employer. An L2 visa is then issued to the spouse and dependent children of the L1 visa holder. If your child is an L2 visa holder, he is eligible to receive a Social Security Number (SSN). An SSN will identif

Tell Me About Your Special-Needs Blog

Every day, I spend what's probably a shameful amount of time reading RSS feeds of blogs to see what's going on around the Internet. Many of those have to do

What Are the Different Baby Quilt Patterns?

Quilts are truly fabulous in a baby's room. The colorful designs, attractive patterns and delightful appeal of quilts make them functional and decorative items. Here are several quilt patterns that you can check out in stores, or even consider making them yourself.