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The Influenza Diet

Almost all diets are planned...except for this one.

Discover The Nutrition Facts Behind The Perfect Six Pack

It has been seen that various dietary aspects have to be considered for removing the ugly belly fat and in revealing the six pack abs that everyone desires. The best nutrition secrets will be revealed here that are going to thoroughly increase the chances of developing the lean six pack abs.

Your Muscles and Protein - The Diet Connection

What we eat each day plays a significant role in how our body functions. Consume too much sugar and our body must release insulin into the bloodstream in order to return blood sugar levels to their normal limits.

What Are You Eating Thats Making You Fat?

Here is a sample of what i eat 6 days a week (and then i reward myself with a day of CHEATING but I NEVER OVERDO IT. Please do not stuff yourself because 6 days later you will have another "cheat Day".) You need to cut out excess sugar, processed foods, "Processed health foods" a

Eat Fish and Stay Healthy

Sounds like an easy thing to do, right? Problem is that in this day of overfishing, pollution, global warming, and seaside development, we all need to be aware of what fish are not only healthy for us to eat given our gender and age, but to be aware of what fish we shouldn't be buying because o

The 3 Most Nutritionally Deficient and Toxic Dietary Approaches

When it comes to the "right" nutrition for better health and a better body, most people have some idea of the types of food they should be eating, as well as some of the toxic foods they'd be better off avoiding. But, are you aware of the 3 most common dietary approaches that can leav

Weight Loss Myths - Short List Of Lies

When it comes to losing your fat through the weight loss industry, there is a multitude of inaccurate data. Just do a Google search and you will find millions of links to various programs, articles, e

Weight Loss Nutrition Q'n'A

Nutrition is the key to weight loss. Without it, even the best workout program won't work. So here are some weight loss nutrition tips.

Where Low Carb Goes Wrong

Low-carb is a big part of many diet plans currently, but it can backfire!Find out where low carb goes wrong and the secrets to being successful with that low carb diet...


There is a certain amount of confusion surrounding this issue and hopefully this article will clarify and simplify the matter. The omegas, EFAs (essential fatty acids), are a vital component to a healthy diet and ...

Choosing the Right Whey Protein Powder

When you start looking for a protein supplement, you will most likely consider a whey protein powder because these are typically less expensive than other types of protein. Whey powder can be just as effective ...

Eating Chocolate - Good Or Bad For Health?

People love eating chocolates. The taste of chocolate attracts people in every age group. Everybody loves eating chocolates in different forms. However, a question always comes in mind of people, "Whether eating chocolate is good for health?" The answer to this question is not so easy. The

10 Super Foods Which Keep Cancer at Bay

It's perplexing when you come across metaphors and quotes that compare food with good health and mental stability for the first time. You tend to wonder why is there a comparison, and how do they really benefit our health system. To quote an example, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away&q

Food As a Love Language

Food is so much more than nutrition for our bodies. It can be the way some people show their love for others.

Feel Healthier by Eating Slower

One of the major flaws that live in our culture in the present day is that we are constantly in a rush all day. We don't have time for everything. As it comes to eating, ...

Are Everyday Products Affecting Your Fertility?

Before heading off to work each day many of us have exposed ourselves to an array of different lotions and potions containing a cocktail of synthetic chemicals. Yet how many of us are aware that these chemicals could be adversely affecting our fertility. The truth is that most of the toiletries we u

Herbal Remedy

Since the dawn of time our ancestors realized and have used different plant parts for their effectiveness as a remedy for certain ailments. The plant parts were extracted by boiling water and drunk as a ...

Why You Are Experiencing Junk Food Cravings

Fast food, candy, chocolate, potato chips, and pizza... these are just a few of the many temptations that are calling your name. No matter where we go, there are unhealthy foods available. And it can be hard to say no, especially when you are having a craving for a certain type of food.

Improving Your Diet

There are many steps that can be taken to help improve one's diet. The most important aspect of your diet is what you eat, not how much you eat. Just make better food choices. It is possible to eat all the nutritious and great tasting foods you want while maintaining good physique. Only fat mak