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Attacked by Anxiety - NOT NOW!

Anxiety is defined as feelings of apprehension brought on by concern or worry and results when a person feels fearful. Anxiety is a normal body response that occurs when a person is in real danger. For example, if a person steps out in to a busy street with oncoming traffic, a person's anxiety

The Stress

Stress: Is a stage of blankness within self, led by confusion, frustration, aggravation, irritation, competition, and dissatisfaction.A reason of frustration etc is failure to resist, defend, or defeat. The stress is a result of conflict between two forces that are environment and the self.

Graciously Restored

This is about how my life was changed from a bitter and challenging experience to a sweet present living. On how that past moments have molded me to become more mature.

Connection to Oneself

How does one connect on a spiritual level with themselves? Personally, I believe Meditation is one way to achieve this. All of us go through life struggling to find ourselves. We always ignore the power our minds and bodies possess.

Why Every Church Needs An Intercession Ministry

Many churches nowadays fail dismally in prayer, because we tend to just go through the motions - a very human thing to do. A Spirit-less church is a common phenomenon wherever we make the prayer ministry not important enough.

Kapalabhati - A Breathing Exercise

Kapalabhati is a very important asana and it should be part of your daily practice. This pose is also known as the Fire Breathing Pose, due to intake and outlet of air, with force. The exercise purifi

Less Stress For Next School Year

Yeah! It is time for school to be out. I know the kids are excited but I don't think their excitement can even begin to compare to the excitement of the teachers. Checking in the books, turning in the grades, and final checkout-there is nothing as wonderful this time of year or as stressful!

Time Management And Organization Go Hand In Hand

Many people crave better organization in their homes and in their lives in general.To attain a more organized life it is essential to learn how to organize or manage your time.Sometimes people separate the way the organize items from the way they use the time they have during the day, but there is a

What Could be Hiding in Your Emotional Closet?

Do you struggle, living from paycheck to paycheck? Do you feel stuck? Are you in the relationship you desire? Do you continue to incur more and more debt? So often I see people struggling in ...

Smell Your Way to Happiness

Have you ever felt anger or frustration at work? Every day, we encounter so many stress triggers in the office, like company politics, project deadlines, demanding bosses, and irritable customers and coworkers.

The Stress of the Exploited American Worker

When we think of exploited workers we normally think of sweat-shops in a third world country, where people work for pennies a day in horrific conditions. But there is a new class of exploited worker right here in the U.S.A., no matter how much money you make, or your professional status. This all-to

Silent Secrets of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree as we know it today started as tradition in 16th Century Europe, and is now a symbol for this holy time of year. It is universally adopted, but what is the deep significance to the elements that go to make it up? The depiction of a tree as a metaphor for life is one that occurs in

Eventually You Will Be Paid More

Money is the reward you earn for your contribution to something be it your job, your employer, your own business or the State. It is a reflection of the value that society puts on your output. The more energy we create the more money we receive.

Stress and the Miraculous Healing Powers of Music

When it comes to stress remedies, music has great universal appeal. This stress-ridden modern world has certainly been soothed time and time again by sweet, melodic tones. Music may be compared to the auditory equivalent of surgery, acupuncture, vitamins and minerals as well as other types of healin

How To Be Centered and Balanced In Life

So you try to do all the right things in life; you try to be present and engaged, relating to the moment, seeking truth, and yet you still feel lost and drawn away from reality. How do you stay center

Gorilla Time Management and Coaching Performance

If you want to see results from your coaching performance, gorilla time management tactics may be the only way to do so. Aggressive gorilla time management tactics can increase motivation, allowing you to reach your goals quickly and efficiently.