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Vastu for a Healthy and Successful Life

Many people employ different ways to ensure a healthy and successful life but today Vastu has emerged as a perfect way to bring happiness in your home. Vastu Shastra also known as "Science of Construction" is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments. Vastu for H

Manifesting Truth Unto the Abundant Life

Almost everything we do is manifest, potentially, in lies. This is hardly ever considered, yet its effects, when the lie occurs, are almost always disastrous.

Things I'm Learning While Cycling

Things I'm Learning While Cycling... and how it relates to everything else in life. A recent decision to take up cycling at the tender age of fifty-something has been quite inspiring and motivating and crazy! At this point you may be asking yourself, "Why would any sane person do THAT?&quo

Why Loving Me Comes Last

One day I went around asking friends and strangers, if they thought people invested a significant amount of time in themselves? Most of them answered, yes. I asked how it was they came to that conclusion?

Maintain Your Business Edge - Leaders, Stay in Business!

I am amazed and saddened at the number of companies that were in business a year ago and are not any more!This year I've have spoken to many senior leaders, from small to large companies, across a multitude of cities.I've also called on many who are now out of business.It behooves each one

Goals - Keep Them in Front of Your Eyes

I was listening to a Webinar by Jack Canfield who outlined seven distinct areas that your goals should represent. There are not to be brushed over lightly.

It's Time To Step Into Your Truth

In my last article, I talked about outcome and results and about letting the process unfold. There are so many programs and ideas out there competing for our attention, promising to make it easy, hydraulic and sure-fire.

3 Time Management Tips

There isn't any perfect time management solution, however there are some tips and techniques that work better than others. Find a solution that works for you and your life.

Power of the Sacred Dance

In ancient times, woman as Priestess, as Goddess, danced the Sacred Dance in the beauty of her nakedness. She danced in the temples, on the hills, in the valley, by the ocean, in caves and in the desert. The Sacred Dancer connected herself to the entire universe.

Are You Stuck in the Rut?

Are you stuck in the rut? – In your Job! Relationship! or Hometown!Do you feel empty, unfulfilled, undiscovered, or unappreciated?If you do then you are stuck in the rut and would need to make a posit

When Last Did You Watch a Hypnotist?

It was a good few years back that I last went to see a show like this, but I still remember some of the hilarious things some people were made to do, by the hypnotist. Why people volunteer to go up on stage and make fools of themselves, beats me, but it is the things that those people do, that reall

Anger Management Treatment and Options For Help

Maybe you need anger management treatment, or someone you know struggles through controlling their anger issues. There are plenty of options for help, but you must be wiling and open minded to hearing new possibilities.

Clearing Out the Clutter in Your Life

Opportunities present themselves in the strangest of ways. Do you always acknowledge that an opportunity is knocking at your door? Possibly not: we become so busy when we are on the treadmill of life and don't always use our conscious awareness. One small decision or one small action will creat


Have you ever felt like superhero, juggling with life's demands and choices, ripping off different costumes throughout the day; a business suit hiding a chefs apron, taxi drivers uniform, swim suit, tennis outfit, tool belt, medical pouchyou deserve an Oscar for your roles. Life is a spectacula

The Other Sides Of The Organic Makeup

There are so many discussions regarding the field of cosmetics that it's really hard to come up with something that hasn't been discussed before. This material brings to the table an interesting perspective, though: is organic makeup really that helpful to the skin or is it just another wa

One Touch!

Jesus' healing power is not only known and revered in the gospels, but throughout church history unto life in the present moment. This is beyond Jesus to the Holy Spirit.