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Play to Win - Practice What You Know!

This is the reason why people are not happy and don't have what they want. They don't take action. They don't practice what they learn. More than 90% of self-improvement efforts fail and the reason is that people never put the concepts into practice. They believe that information is e

Turn Your Office Work Space Into a Less Stress Space

Office work spaces are stressful places of our lives.There is no way to completely eliminate this.If you're a typical office worker, you spend at least one-third of your day in this locale every weekday.Here are some ways to personalize the office and make it a more enjoyable, less stressfuland

Reenergize Your Marriage in 21 Days

'Reenergize Your Marriage in 21 Days' was designed to give you simple techniques so that you can add a little more life into your marriage. Develop habits and techniques that will make you feel more f

The Love of God Shed Abroad in Our Hearts

We are formed like a pearl that is fashioned by the tests of time as it endures the grit...the tiny grain of sand held within its soft heart. What could be seen as an alien intruder becomes the very thing with the power to produce a priceless treasure. What the enemy meant for evil is undone and bec

Variables For Wealth Creations-The Roles Of Internet

Variables for wealth creations-The roles of internet By Adeshola Afolabi The major variable for creating your wealth is You. Just like me, you were not born with some millions working and waiting in the bank ...

Stalking: Protect yourself

Find out the common traits stalkers have and also ways to protect yourself against them.

How To Lose Weight And Feel Great Doing It

Just like anything else in life, starting your weight loss journey armed with knowledge means you are more likely to succeed. The problem with this is that people have so many methods of getting rid ...

How to Question Your Thoughts to Find Inner Peace

Our minds seek evidence for anything we believe. Learn how to question your negative thoughts and find peace. Learn how to use The Work of Byron Katie to question your thoughts and find your true nature.

Getting Out of the Rat Race and Get Your Life Back

If you drag yourself to work every morning and do not "seem" to have any enthusiasm in your workplace and your job, perhaps it is time to take a few days off and do some reflection of your life and for your future. What have you achieved so far, are you happy with what you have achieved to


We human beings are used to this concept of giving a form and naming everything that we come across in our life. How did God get his name?

Reducing Stress At Work

Stress in the workplace is endemic. Workers are used like robots. Individual skills and talents are ignored or under-utilised. Managers don't have a clue. Companies, no names but you know who I mean, pay their workers the minimum they can get away with and exploit poverty and high unemployment

Reach Your Goals By Taking Action

We have often compared our lives to a ship traveling through turbulent seas in order in to reach the calm waters...we can't always steer our ships in the right direction. Sometimes it so happens we ...

Storage Ideas to Use When Organizing Your Home

Is it time to start organizing your home? If so, the first thing you want to do is plan what storage items you will need to accomplish your task. We are talking storage items that can be used throughout your house. Let's take a look at several storage items that will solve those clutter or diso

Thank God for Emotions

Rather than complain that we are emotional creatures, it would be better to thank God that we can feel. To feel is not only to perceive betrayal, loss, and fear, it's also about the capacity to love, to remain loyal, and to face threats with courage.

Come, Let Us Reason Together!

The reasoning behind Christianity is often confused with the reasoning behind religion, and there is such a disparity between the two, it is not possible to compare. Faith as described by any general dictionary is "a believe that does not rest on logical proof or material evidence." And ye

Psalm 91 - Blessed Assurance of the Almighty

Blessed assurance, yes, blessed indeed. At times of castigating fear, more than a fleeting eye upon Psalm 91 will save - Jesus is the eternal Word, in action. The promises of God in this psalm include...

Don't Be Afraid to Be Honest With Yourself

Real breakthrough, real change start with an honest assessment of where you are today. Too often I see clients who just want to convince me they're great and everything is fine.