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Building Leadership on Natural Strengths

Too many times, would be leaders focus their leadership growth and development efforts on strengths in areas that are outside their innate skill set. It is our experience that many people are unaware of and discount what they do naturally well. Rather than focusing on discovering and working on deve

How You Can Turn Your Vision Into Reality

Anyone who has ever dared to reach for the stars will know that having faith in a dream demands courage and patience. In coaching one of the very first steps the client is asked to undertake from the outset is to define a set of goals to work towards. Keeping fingers crossed, "going with the fl

How Well Do You Know God?

You can know God better than you do now. God longs to be known by you. Discover how He can become more real to you.

Learn Mind Control - 5 Tips for Controlling Others Successfully

Anyone can learn mind control. It does not require above average intelligence or crazy conjuring. All you have to do is study and master the scientific side of this method for controlling others. Then you can readily use your skills to apply the art of persuasion in every social situation. You have

Create Your Own Luck and Succeed - 6 Tips

True achievers know that there is no luck in life. Your success or failure is nothing but the out picturing of your inner activity. To create that magical life of total success work needs to be done. Work needs to be done if you intend to be successful in what you do.

Creating Success Part 1

Creating Success Part 1 In this first part of the Creating Success Trilogy, I develop the ground floor of success. The basis of Success is Information. If you think about it, information is what enables ...

Blue Print For Success - Visualization

A famous and wise writer once wrote, "While we must accept the reality of the moment, we are not bound in it forever. We can change the future by the use of our imaginations." In this statement lies the truth and basis of all I will talk about in this article. Life is imagination, pictures

Learn From It, Laugh At It, Live Through It

2 weeks ago, my family was watching a funny video, and I wanted to see it with them, I didn't want to miss out on all the fun so I laid my computer down and ...

Count Your Wins to Create Your Success

A great way of creating new successes is to count the wins you've already had. Evidence of how you've "nailed it" in the past will only boost your confidence for what you're about to do.

Geniuses, Nerds, High IQ, Athletic Ability and Good Looks

As three nerds walks into the class room on the first day and everyone thinks; Oh no, there goes the grade curve. Why, because as a society we have adopted the myth that high-IQ people are socially inept, nerdy, clumsy and not attractive. Well, this myth needs to be busted because it simply is not s

You"ll Never Break Me - You Don"t Have the Guts

Have you ever watched professional sports? Have you ever watched the football playoffs in the NFL, World Cup soccer, or the NBA playoffs? You can feel the intensity of the athletes and players, they are there for one thing and that thing is to win.


Being motivated and having dreams for your future is very exciting! Dreamers are always around other dreamers that are EXCITED! Your dream needs to be fertilized each day by associating with others, who believe in ...

How to Live a More Conscious Life

To be more conscious and live a more conscious life means to be aware of yourself internally and externally at each moment. If you are conscious, you are aware of the present moment and the fact that your inner self is awakened. It is being mindful and feeling the air entering and exiting your lungs

The Power of Appreciation Meets the Law of Attraction

You've heard it all your life - Count your Blessings. Appreciate what you already have and watch it multiply before your eyes. What is this phenomenon? Well, it has to do with the fact that you're a broadcasting station sending out a signal that is answered in kind. As you practice directi

Every Day Breakthroughs

When we think about having a breakthrough, we usually think about it as being a major event. Somehow we expect it to be a major 'eureka' moment with much fanfare and applause.

Feel Healthy and Happy With Angel Raphael

Raphael, the Angel of Healing guides all healers who work towards helping others. His main function is to help you feel better as he strives to show you ways to accomplish that goal. In fact, ...

Five Steps to Self Improve Your Current Situation

Have you reached a place or stage in your life where you feel you have come to the end of the line of your own particular downward spiral? Do you feel there is no deeper to sink?

Alcoholic Losers Or Victims of Innocence?

The explanation that follows is not meant in any way to mock or jab the real alcoholic. Although the language used is blunt, it is written in a way which best portrays the common characteristics of an everyday drunk. Because alcoholism is often referred to as the disease of denial, active alcoholics

Learn to Focus Is Like Learn to Win

Have you ever felt that you have not got any closer to your objective than you were when you started working for it? Do you often feel stressed out by the fact that life is ...

Slow Down and Relax Before Starting Conversations

Starting conversations with complete strangers can be tricky if you are a shy and introverted person. How do go about starting conversations at a party or at a social gathering? What should you talk about and what if you say something stupid or wrong? A way to overcome the nervous feeling when you a

You Can"t If You Think You Can"t

And the opposite is also true. If you have read any self help books, and let's face it, who hasn't, the backbone of every popular psychology technique is to really and deeply believe that what ...

Are You a Women in Transition?

Are you a woman going through change and wondering, "What is going on with me?" Are you feeling overwhelmed and thinking, why am I feeling so emotional? I am here to tell you that you are not alone.